Ooh! I didn't know you loved tea as much as I do! (Christian loves me despite that fact that I drink tea and not coffee...as long as I drink wine, he will hold on. Ha!) I turned to tea in my 20s after many attempts at trying to stop caffeine via diet sodas. I'm sure I've lost years of my life to that poison. It took two long bouts with the flu, but I finally broke the addiction and moved to tea. My grandmother was English so I figure I got the tea interest from her...she filled her coffee with cream and sugar to kill the taste yet happily drank tea as it was, maybe with a lemon slice.

When Christian and I were first dating, he brought me first pull tea as a gift. I instantly fell in love with him. Now, I drink my select favorite teas and pine for the English tea house that closed in downtown Portland many years ago. The tea ceremony at the Lan Su Garden is lovely, by the way. I have a lovely tea set from the garden to remind me to occasionally give myself the gift of taking time with tea.

I also have dreamed of growing my own tea after seeing that it was grown in Mississippi. Given that I'm not much of a gardener, your post helped me realize that I need to shelve that dream and just keep supporting my favorite tea purveyors.

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Nothing like a good cupa tea and a good book in a rainy day! I prefer herbal ones that i mix the dry leaves according to my mood. But once I went to a Japanese tea ceremony in San Francisco and I loved it! They really know how to do it and to take time to rest and appreciate beauty and taste!

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